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Mission of JSC «Solikamsk Magnesium Works»


Quality confirmed for a long period of time!

Our activities are concentrated on the manufacturing of quality magnesium, chemical, and rare metals products designed for use in High Tech industries. Our long-term and reciprocal relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the community are established with the use of efficient, environment-friendly and up-to-date engineering approaches.  


We confidently remain in leading market positions, meeting improved and modified customers’ requirements by way of developing environment-friendly and efficient processes. Highly-skilled, self-motivated and devoted employees are considered as the basic source for the Company’s success in the market. Efficient and reciprocal relationships with our partners give us a competitive edge.

Quality Policy

The strategic goal of JSC "SMW” is to serve customers’ needs with pure and alloy magnesium, compounds of rare earths and rare metals, titanium and chemicals on the basis of reciprocal cooperation for stability of economics and long-term operations of the Company.

Following this goal, the top management of the Company accepts the following obligations:

- continually improve efficiency of the Quality Management System; 
- maintain the Quality Management System in consistence with requirements to this System;
- guarantee manufacture of products with stable quality that consistently meet customers’ quality requirements;
- improve customers’ loyalty;
- meet quality requirements with optimal costs;
- form a staff which supports the idea of quality, which is oriented to meet customers’ requirements, and which is able to improve managing and production processes.

Top management assumes its specific liabilities to perform these obligations and sees the following ways in which to meet them:

- maintain regular internal inspections of quality;
- perform regular analysis, assessment and improvement of Quality Management System;
- improve technology, reduce non-productive outlays, and achieve the best stability of quality of our products;
- stimulate continuous improvement of our activities through motivation of personnel;
- regularly study customers’ loyalty and satisfaction;
- establish long-term cooperation with our customers;
- develop a system of reciprocal cooperation with our suppliers for assurance of demanded stable quality of purchased goods and reduction of transportation and storage costs;
- continuously upgrade personnel skills;
- teach personnel principles of quality management.

Top management recognizes that quality management issues are an unavoidable priority for all of the Company’s divisions and for all categories of personnel - from theGeneral Director down to the ordinary employee.

Environmental Policy

JSC "Solikamsk Magnesium Works” is a constantly developing Company that fabricates products conforming to the main domestic and international standards.
Being the oldest operating primary magnesium facility in the world, we want to be assured that the activities of our Company related to the production of pure and alloy magnesium, compounds of rare metals and rare earths, titanium and chemicals meet environmental requirements and do not adversely affect the quality of life in our city. We recognize the importance of environmental considerations, and our goal is a step-by-step reduction of any negative impact of our Company on the environment.

This goal is achieved by way of implementing the following principles:

1. Collective responsibility

Each employee of the Company is responsible for protecting the environment in the best way, performing his/her job in compliance with statutory environmental requirements.

2. Preventive approach

Avoidance of pollution is a key principle for all design and technical decisions. If we implement new technologies, we assess their environmental impact and study the possibilities for the efficient use of energy and natural resources.

3. Continuous improvements

We continuously minimize the environmental impact of our Company’s operations and improve environmental conditions of our products and the Company’s activities.

4. Transparency and cooperation

Information concerning environmental activities of the Company should be provided to personnel, governmental and municipal agencies, interested public, consumers and suppliers.

5. Continuous monitoring

Results of the regular assessment of the Company’s environmental management system including opinions of interested parties as well as assessment of surrounding environment for compliance with statutory requirements are the basis for the further improvement of our activities.

6. Development of environmental way of mind

The system of continuous education and motivation of personnel should contribute to the development of an environmental corporate culture.
The management of OAO Solikamsk Magnesium Works assumes its responsibilities to provide appropriate resources for the implementation of this Policy and duly informs each person employed by our Company or performing a job on behalf of our Company.




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